What we've done

We started with equipment for resistivity, and then got a further LHI grant for magnetometry equipment. We use both as they show different facets of what's under the ground.

This is a list of some of the projects we've been involved with:-


Search for building platforms finding possible extension to a Roman road & unusual building traces

report pdf

Ashwell Herts Potential Roman, mag only, res only
Arrington Roadside ladder settlement report pdf

Demonstration site VC mag & res

Ditches near primary school report pdf

Moated manor site report pdf

Well Head site report pdf

Berden Moated site. report pdf
Bourne Assistance with  pre excavation surveying
Boxworth Garden parch mark site
Burwell The real castle? res
Bygrave manor site res mag

Shire Hall Lawn report pdf 3Mb

Ridley Hall report pdf

Newnham report pdf

Cherry Hinton
Spring Head investigation
Interaction with secondary school project
Childerley field walking site res & mag

Castle site. report pdf

Bury site mag, res

Church site res

Cottenham Pre dig survey report pdf
Croydon Enigmatic Roman site report pdf
Duddernhoe End

Search for speculative manor house site report pdf

Alternative site report pdf, aerial/mag


Riverside mag res context

Brewery field mag&res

Eltisley Manor site mag res
Ely Cathedral Paddock report pdf
Eversden CAFG Site report pdf

Complex  Medieval & Dovecot site report pdf

Possible mill site on the 'Common Stream' first report, second report pdfs
Ring ditch site second report pdf

Foxton Bottom

Baldwyns IA? hut report pdf

Gamlingay Manor House Garden res
Girton College Girton College lawn and field report pdf
Godmanchester Exploration of aerial photograph anomaly
Great Chesterford

School mag res

Recreation ground mag

Harlton Field Survey report pdf
Harston Manor/Mill res mag/res

Villa meets coproliting report pdf

near Manorial site res mag

Hildersham Church side lumps and bumps report pdf
Histon St Etheldreda's Church res mag res&mag
Hoffers Brook report pdf
Horningsea Garden site with Roman pottery report pdf

Lost nunnery report pdf

Valences res


Search for a mill site report pdf

Village College mag res


Castle area report pdf

Villa area report pdf

Little Gidding Looking for a missing extension to the church and a manor house report pdf
Little Shelford Investigation of  parch marks for history society res

Looking for ditches on Bottisham Fen to explain flint finds report pdf

Anglesey Abbey report pdf (good res example)

Longstanton Manor res
Madingley Madingley Hall mag mag&res
Magog Downs

1912 war games trenches report (unexpected find)

Litle Trees Bowl barrow Report. pdf


Paddock eathworks mag&res

Roman & Medieval site mag&res

Meesden photographic anomaly or cropmark? report pdf

Vesseys Manor foundations report pdf

Almost in Melbourn (Sheene) report pdf

Church fields report pdf


Investigation of a Roman & moated site report pdf


Playing field Investigations report pdf

Pond field exploration report pdf

Odsey report pdf

Hillside mag&res

Manor Farm mag

Over buried mini ! report pdf
Prickwillow Search for a hythe at the Old Plough report pdf

Roman village layout report (good mag example see PCAS 2017)

Farm res mag

Rec mag, res

Paddock mag&res

Throssells mag

Saffron Walden

School playing field site, report pdf

Common Maze site draft report pdf


Possible Iron Age trackway res
Sawston Hall Grounds
report pdf

Challis House

Sharnbrook mag, res
Shepreth Tyrells mag
Shingay Hospitallers site mag, res
Stapleford Playing field mag&res
Starlings Green Early farmstead report pdf
Stretham Tiled House barn report

Tumulus site which was excavated in 1953 & behind the church too!(site report ) which extends to a very early route way (report) 2008
Possible moated site behind school report pdf
Paddock site opposite school report pdf
Interactive primary school surveying project

Triple ditch enclosure report pdf


West site report pdf

Central & East site report pdf

Walkern (Herts) Potential Roman site report
Weeting church foundations report good res example
Wendens Ambo Looking for Little Wnden church - it could be under an old tennis court. Report pdf
West Wickham

South field and next to church report pdf

Streetly End mag&res, mag

Over Yards field mag&res, mag


Looking for a ford - braided river channels mag res slice

Roman & tumuli site next to a villa site (1818 report) small temple pic1 pic2, site magnetometry pic and resistivity (pic) nearby sites mag prelim report

Villa site report pdf

Spicers Manor/Roman/bomb site report pdf

Saxon site res mag

West End area mag, res, mag&res

Old fire station mag


Wilbraham Pre-excavation survey

Brickend investigation of a moated site 2006 report 2007 report pdfs

A kiln site report pdf

Exploration of Pages Close 2007 report W side report

Resistivity survey around fountain site with vertical sections report pdf

East of the Fountain report

Cobbs Field report (marked coprolite diggings)

Cobbs Spring report pdf

Farm Barn report pdf

Manor side field report pdf

Octagon mag

Thornberry mag res both

Folly field report and Johnston's Pond report pdf's

Johnston's pond pipe vertical slice

Possible WWII Gatehouse 0.5m res bw 0.5m res col slice1 slice2 slice overlay